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Buddy and Earl Meet the Neighbours!

Buddy and earl Meet the Neighbors is now available! When Wonder Buddy and Super Earl learn that the Evil Doctor Stinker is planning to shut down the only hamburger factory in town, they know they have to find the supervillain’s secret lair — fast! Hopping into the Earl-mobile, they race into the yard next door where they come face-to-face with the new neighbors.

At first, Mister the bulldog is alarmed by Wonder Buddy’s laser-beam eyes (even though Buddy does not know how to turn them on), and Snowball the cat thinks that Earl is the funniest-looking mouse she’s ever seen.

But when Snowball ends up in mortal danger, Buddy and Mister team up to save the day, and Snowball and Earl discover that they have more in common than they thought.

The dog who likes to play by the rules and the hedgehog who knows no limits make some super new friends in this fifth book in the critically acclaimed Buddy and Earl series.

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TD Canadian Children's Book Week in Nunavut!

The week of May 5-12 I traveled to Nunavut for TD Canadian Children's Book Week. I visited six schools and saw over 400 kids. I read books, talked about illustration, taught kids how to make books and drew lots of pictures. This photo is from Nanook School in Apex just outside of Iqaluit. The entire school has only 40 kids and they were a really fun, welcoming group of kids. It really was the trip of a lifetime! If you would like to see more of my photos check out my Instagram feed here.

Open Book

Susan Hughes and I were interviewed on Open Book.  "Author & Illustrator team Susan Hughes & Carey Sookocheff on the Ups and Downs of Publishing". Check out the interview here.

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OLA Super Conference

I will be at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2018 in Toronto with Susan Hughes signing our new book What Happens Next, Friday February 2 from 11-11:30am.

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